Courtesy of the University of Hawai’i.

HONOLULU (KHON2) — In October of 2021, the University of Hawaii Community Colleges rocket team launched its 12 foot, 8 inch hybrid rocket in Black Rock, Nevada and won first place.

The Project Imua team was back in Black Rock, Nevada from Monday, Sept. 12 through Thursday, Sept. 15 for A Rocket launch for Student Satellites competition where they built and launched a 10.5 foot custom rocket.

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UH said the 10.5 foot rocket flew and one parachute deployed. The rocket contained a land rover that was designed and assembled by Windward Community College which failed to deploy.

Honolulu Community College made an atmospheric detector that collected data during the rocket flight.

I think it’s important for all the students of community colleges and universities to come out here to learn the fundamentals and the basic rules of rocketry.”


According to UH, Project Imua consists of students and faculty from different UH campuses. UH added, “the project’s mission is to experiment with high-powered rocketry while designing and fabricating small payloads for space flights.”

There are six members on Project Imua Mission 11 building their own rockets for another competition starting on Friday, Sept. 16 for the eXtreme Performance Rocket Ships.

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The XPRS event will give members the chance to earn National Association of Rocketry certifications.