HONOLULU (KHON2) — Hawaii Cat Cafe in Kapahulu was hit by vandals not once, but twice in the last three months.

Most recently was on Tuesday, April 27, when someone smashed their windows and threw a rock through their front door.

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Hawaii Cat Cafe has been in Kapahulu since 2018, customers can have a beverage, a snack and the company of dozens of friendly felines at the store.

Cafe owner Cindy Washburn says she does not understand why anyone would do this.

Video surveillance from inside the shop shows the moment the suspect shattered the front door, sending the 22 cats in the cafe running for cover.

“No cats were injured,” Washburn said relieved. “They all ran for safety deeper into the cafe. So we’re very, very, very grateful for that.”

She says the perpetrator caused more than $4,000 in damage by throwing a rock at least four times at the window before aiming for the door.

“That time it did go all the way through. The rock made it all the way across the room.”

This is not the first time they were vandalized. The same thing happened around midnight on Monday, Feb. 1. Washburn says it was worse this time.

“It seemed like it was a random act of violence possibly from a mentally ill homeless person who has been doing this to other businesses,” Washburn explained.

According to Honolulu police Crimemapping, it is not an isolated incident. There were two additional reports of property damage less than a block away during the same morning and five cases of vandalism within a half mile of the shop since the week of Monday, April 19.

CrimeStoppers Sgt. Chris Kim says vandalism cases are just people acting out a lot of the time.

“We’ve also had cases where they maybe had a beef with that particular establishment or business,” Kim explained. “If it’s happening in the same proximity and the same type of MO, it could possibly be related. But it would be up to the investigators to look into.”

Kim suggested shop owners invest in good surveillance equipment, lighting and tempered glass to deter vandals.

Washburn says they are replacing the damaged storefront with tempered glass and plan to install more cameras.

“I really hope that HPD is able to catch this person and get him off the street,” she said. “Clearly he’s somebody who’s not thinking straight, so hopefully he gets help too because until he gets off the street it’s probably going to keep happening in the area.”

To make a donation to help cover the damage or to look into adopting a cat, click here.