Hawaii Cat Cafe temporarily closed due to feline panleukopenia, a viral disease found in cats

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — On Tuesday, Hawaii Cat Cafe, located off Kapahulu Avenue, temporarily closed their doors due to one of their cats testing positive for feline panleukopenia.

Feline panleukopenia is a viral disease found in cats that attacks their blood cells. 

In a statement by the cat cafe, it reads in part: “The Hawaii Cat Cafe closed temporarily on Tuesday due to a possible case of feline panleukopenia, which veterinarians at Hawaiian Humane have now confirmed. We have dedicated our space for the next two weeks to quarantine & monitor cats who were potentially exposed and will be closed during this time.”

Daniel Roselle, the Director of Community Relations at the Hawaiian Humane Society, said this virus is very contagious, and he’s happy the cat cafe asked them to help. 

“It’s essentially feline parvo,” said Roselle. “It’s a highly infectious virus that cats get and has a high mortality rate especially in kittens — they tend to go downhill really fast.”

Roselle said this disease is only found in cats but is highly contagious amongst them. Since they service animals to the cat cafe, they stepped in to help treat and assess the other cats.

“They adopt out cats that come from us. One of the cats unfortunately was ill with panleukopenia and so they made the right decision after talking to our veterinarians to shut down for a couple of weeks so we can isolate the cats,” said Roselle. 

Roselle said this virus can stay in the environment for up to a year, and although they haven’t seen too many cases, one way of stopping the transmission is to get your cat vaccinated.

“It’s not terribly common in Hawaii, and in the past four years, we have not seen too many cases,” said Roselle, “but that said, it is something that shelters have a lot of experience in.”

The Hawaii Cat Cafe also took to Instagram to announce while they were closed someone scratched graffiti on their storefront.

This comes just months after someone tried breaking their window, scaring the cats in the cafe back in April.

The cat cafe is asking the public to be patient with them because they are a small business and to check back in two weeks once their cats are happy and healthy.

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