Hawaii, California add most construction jobs in U.S. for the year

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The Associated General Contractors of America announced Friday that construction employment experienced widespread growth in November as 38 states added workers for the month.

According to analysis of Labor Department data, California and Hawaii added the most jobs for 2015.

Between November 2014 and November 2015, 44 states and the District of Columbia added construction jobs, with California adding the most (41,000 jobs, 5.9 percent). Other states adding a high number of new construction jobs for the past 12 months include New York (30,500 jobs, 8.9 percent), Florida (29,300 jobs, 7.2 percent) and Colorado (12,000 jobs, 8.3 percent).

Hawaii added the highest percentage of new construction jobs during the past year (12.5 percent, 3,900 jobs), closely followed by Nevada (12.3 percent, 7,800 jobs), South Dakota (12.3 percent, 2,700 jobs), Arkansas (12.0 percent, 5,600 jobs) and Idaho (11.4 percent, 4,200 jobs).

“In nearly every state, contractors are busier now than a year ago,” said Ken Simonson, chief economist for the association. “Employment is up, but the industry would be expanding even more rapidly if contractors could find enough qualified workers.”

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