Hawaii Bicycling League hosts ‘pop-up’ giveaway event to increase night riding safety

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The Hawaii Bicycling League held a “pop up” event near the King Street Protected Bike Lane Wednesday giving away free lights to increase ride safety at night.

The giveaway was part of the organization’s “Light Up The Night” safety campaign for December. Their goal is to increase the number of cyclists that use lights to help prevent potentially deadly collisions.

Staff and volunteers gave away lights as well as reflective bands to riders who already have them.

“It’s really important for cyclists to be using lights at night. It makes them visible, regardless the fact that all the places that have street lights, all the ambient light around. It doesn’t make you necessarily stand out,” said Hawaii Bicycling League communications director Daniel Alexander.

The organization also advises that riders should get both rear and frontal lights to allow both pedestrians and motorists see you.

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