HONOLULU (KHON2) — Hawaii has endless beaches with beautiful sand, clear waters and warm temperatures. 

Throughout the islands different nonprofit groups dedicate their time, money and resources ensuring the beaches are clean and safe for residents, visitors and the many sea life creatures. 

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Surfrider Foundation comes out every year with their Beach Report Card. This report card takes into consideration the policies put in place to keep ocean water and sea life clean, initiatives to protect wildlife, cleanliness of state and territory beaches and more. 

Hawaii was grouped into their island category and was given an overall good grade of a B. According to their report card Hawaii’s acclaimed biodiversity, rich culture and dynamic topography allures admirers from around the world. 

The state is constantly making efforts to improve coastal management practices. One recent practice that legislation passed was requiring real estate to disclose sea level rise. 

Hawaii also has regulations that prohibit erosion protection structures; however, Surfrider Foundation wants the state to do more about enforcement.  

They would also like the state to improve restrictions on rebuilding and repairing a shoreline protection device. 

Besides publishing their annual beach report cards, Surfrider Foundation aims to protect ocean waters by educating on plastic reduction, defending oceans from challenges threatening the vitality of the ecosystem, taking on issues that threaten beaches and natural shorelines and more. 

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To read the full report or to get more information on how to get involved head to Surfrider Foundation’s website