HONOLULU (KHON2) – Did you know the Honolulu Zoo has live cameras pointed at their animals for you to view throughout the day?

Typically, you’ll have the opportunity to check out their Asian elephants, sloths or their penguins. However, as of Monday, Dec. 12, their penguin cams are currently down.

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Sloths are a very popular animal to see when visiting the museum and due to their slow-moving nature, they are fun to watch on their live zoo camera. 

According to the Honolulu Zoo, sloths spend almost their entire lifespan hanging upside down from tree limbs! You can check out their sloth camera by clicking here

Sloths typically eat leaves and fruit and have a slow metabolic rate which reduces their amount of food and water needs.

Sloths also spend most of their days sleeping. So, odds are when you view them on camera, they will be taking a nap. Sloths sleep an average of 15 hours a day.

Asian elephants are the largest living land animals in Asia and are known for being social animals. 

Currently, the Honolulu Zoo has two Asian elephants, Mari and Vaigai, who are both female and both extremely friendly. You can check out their elephants by clicking here

Because elephants are large land mammals they require a lot of food daily. The Honolulu Zoo said Asian elephants in the wild can consume up to 600 lbs. of food daily and 30 gallons of water. 

At the zoo, Mari and Vaigai have a more nutritious diet and only require 150 lbs. of food daily. They tend to stick with hay, grasses and fruits. 

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The Honolulu Zoo continues to support environmental education, biological study and conservation practices. You can choose to donate to them when visiting.