HONOLULU (KHON2) — People are finding ways to save on gas, groceries and even their electric bill. There are some things around the house that may be using a lot more electricity than people think.

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Many residents are shocked seeing their electric bill go up. “I was very surprised like I called the electricity company, and I was trying to find out why my prices was so high,” said Taz Madriaga.

Hawaiian Electric says a typical bill on Oahu was 212 dollars last month, up from 157 the same month a year ago. The big island, Maui, Molokai and Lanai all seeing similar increases.

Hawaii Energy gave tips on what people can do to cut their electric bill. “What about trying a no oven day. This is something that you know, we all use our ovens they get very hot and it’s a way to cut down, and you can barbecue outside or use your instant pot. Ovens use up to 60 70 dollars a year,” said Caroline Carl, Hawaii Energy executive director.

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Carl also said cutting your shower time is an easy way to save money. Carl said “Cutting your shower by two minutes you can save over 50 dollars a year.”

As for your plugged in devices, even when they’re turned off, some are still using electricity. Hawaii Energy says this is called phantom loads.

“It’s especially true for things like game consoles, um stuff with indicator lights. Even when its you’re computers, when its asleep uses ten times more energy than if it’s completely turned off. So, we recommend using smart power strips. These are really quick fancy powered strips that allow you to turn off certain loads completely with a control plug.”

Caroline Carl

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Most residents had the same reaction. When asked if knowing these hacks will make them change what they’re doing to save money they said, “I’ll probably start doing that if that does save me a little bit,” and “all those little things add up to an amazing amount that you wouldn’t normally consider.”