HONOLULU (KHON2) — The mystery of the missing gummy bear is over. It’s a story that we first told you about two years ago.

KHON2 talked with the owner of the candy store where the bear theft began and asked what the plans are now that the bear is back.

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Jonathan Lyau had given up hope of ever getting the gummy bear back until he got the phone call.

“The iconic gummy bear had been the business’ calling card up until thieves stole it from the store front in November of 2020,” said Jonathan Lyau, A.C. Lyau company owner.

But, yesterday, someone discovered the bear in an abandoned storage locker. They had recognized it from previous news stories and delivered the 180-pound bear back to Jonathan and his neighbor who had gifted the bear to him.

“So, we were both, like, really happy and more, more shocked than anything else. And, we inspected it there. It was like in perfect condition, no cracks. Considering that he had fallen,” added Lyau.

His only regret is not being able to share the good news of the bear’s return to his father, who passed away in September.

“He was here when it was stolen. I kind of just wish he saw the end, end of this story,” explained Lyau.

Jonathan said he doesn’t care about who stole it. He’s just happy to have it back. And, he’s thinking of naming the bear “Calvin” after his father.

“Been thinking of various ideas on now how to display the bear, put a name on it, maybe putting our name on it somehow so that it’s, it’ll even make our business more identifiable to people driving down the road,” said Lyau.

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And, he definitely plans to secure the bear wherever they end up placing it to make sure it stays put.