HONOLULU (KHON2) — Prosecutors laid out the gruesome details of the murder of a North Shore woman and the kidnapping of her eight-year-old daughter. Opening statements were held for the trial of Stephen Brown.

Deputy Prosecutor Scott Bell started his opening statement by saying that Stephen Brown, who had green hair at the time, admitted to the victim’s daughter that he and Hailey Dandurand killed Telma Boinville.

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“The boy with green hair scooped up the child, took her out of the truck and as he did so, said, ‘We killed your mom,'” said Bell.

The incident took place five years ago, but the trial had been plagued with numerous delays. Prosecutors said Brown and Dandurand tied up Boinville, killed her and took her belongings.

Jurors were shown gruesome pictures of Boinville’s body covered in blood. Bell also showed jurors a machete, hammer, a baseball bat and a meat tenderizer. Police officers found Boinville’s daughter in the upstairs bedroom.

“The 8-year-old girl, hands and feet bound with the same rope that the body downstairs was bound with, packing tape strapped across her mouth,” said Bell.

Brown’s attorney said it was Dandurand, who is facing a separate trial later this year, who did the killing. He said Brown had left the room when it happened and was shocked at what he saw when he returned.

“Even going up to Hailey and said, ‘What did you just do?’ So what he did was he at least went to check on Telma Boinville, see if she was responsive, alive,” said Defense Attorney William Bagasol.

He adds that there is no evidence that shows Brown did the killing.

One of the witnesses called to testify on Monday, Jan. 9 was a visitor from Australia who had just arrived to rent the home with a friend and his family. He said he first heard footsteps upstairs, and then saw the body. So he turned around and left.

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“I hopped into the passenger door, and I looked at him and said we need to go. And he said, what do you mean? I said, we need to go now,” said Shayne Atkins.

Atkins said they left and called police and returned a few minutes later when officers arrived.