ALA MOANA, Hawaii (KHON2) — What started as a gloomy day in Honolulu turned into a beautiful Thanksgiving for some local families.

KHON2 swung by some gatherings to see how their day turned out.

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Lacey, Jonathan and Shiloh Vasquez arrived at Magic Island around 11 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 24 and the weather was a little questionable.

“It was, a little rainy and windy,” Lacey said.

They made the best of it, just like many others who celebrated Thanksgiving at Magic Island.

“Very windy, very, a little gloomy, so that’s why we kind of dressed up for cold weather,” said Tiara Dela Cruz. “But now it’s getting, the sun is coming out, so, beautiful weather in Hawaii!”

The day was a homecoming for some; Tomas Seo got to Ala Moana around 10 a.m.

“Yeah, the weather was pretty rough but now we got nice and pretty sun, and so we’re pretty happy about that,” Seo said.

“I’m thankful too, I’m from Virginia and I’m able to move back here this year and spend this Thanksgiving with family”

Tomas Seo, Downtown resident

Many families — aside from the sun — told KHON2 that they were thankful for family, faith and friends.

“We’re thankful for family,” Lacey said, “and getting to spend time with each other, new memories.”

“Share the love with everyone. Be thankful. God is good, have a good Thanksgiving.”

Tomas Seo, Downtown resident

“It’s just nice to see everybody out here, enjoying the weather and enjoying our beautiful beach here,” Dela Cruz said, “I’m just very thankful that now we get to spend Thanksgiving together with our families. We can all be together as one, not cooped up in our house and we can all catch up and just, celebrate the holidays together as a family.”

She had a message for everyone else.

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“Hold your loved ones dear to your heart. If you have that time or that moment to share with your family, please do while they’re here still on earth,” Dela Cruz said.