Grad night mugging on campus

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A McKinley High School band member was mugged in the school parking lot after performing during the graduation ceremony Sunday night.

School officials — parents — and the area’s neighborhood board are upset.

A parent voiced his concerns at Tuesday night’s neighborhood board meeting, where in fact, area safety was already a planned topic of discussion.

The parent declined to talk on camera — so we spoke with Ala Moana-Kakaako Neighborhood Board member Chris Chung.

“The parent came to our meeting and was full of righteous anger. He’s angry. Parents are angry. And I believe they should be angry.”

The parent sent an email to Principal Ron Okamura to make sure the school was aware of the crime and that it would investigate.

Okamura replied that a police report had been filed and that HPD is looking for suspects.

He also said: 

“Unfortunately, this year we have seen a rise in these types of activities both around and on campus.  Police are well aware of this and are trying their best to help us out.”


“We are also having our security be vigilant on who is around on campus. I am working with our DOE to see if we can get night security to patrol our campus.”

For most people, their school campus has been a comfort zone, free from stranger-danger. Sunday’s crime proves that’s not necessarily the case, anymore.”

Sgt. Chris Kim, coordinator of Honolulu CrimeStoppers says, “Once upon a time, kids could hang out at their schools after-hours, but once again, in this day and age now, kids just need to be more vigilant, be more aware of their surroundings, and start paying attention more to suspicious people, suspicious activities.”

Kim urges parents to talk with their children and warn them not to be engrossed in their phones when out and about. That’s both so they can be aware of what’s going on around them — but also because many students have been robbed of their phones.

It is unclear whether the student who was mugged Sunday night was injured or had any belongings stolen.

Chung calls crime in the area a serious problem, given the homeless population, a long-standing criminal presence, and vulnerable students and senior citizens.

This is part of the problem. That when you have more than one risk factor in the same place, that’s when you get real danger.”

The neighborhood board will take further steps, and calls on the City to improve public safety.

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