Governor’s office looking for volunteer applicants for boards, commissions

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The Office of the Governor is looking for qualified and dedicated volunteers to fill vacancies on boards, commissions and committees across the state.

The governor makes appointments and nominations to more than 185 boards and commissions established by the State of Hawaii Constitution, state statutes and executive orders. Boards and commissions provide Hawaii’s citizens with an opportunity to have a voice in their government and to influence decisions that shape the quality of life for their fellow residents.

Vacancies must be filled on a wide range of boards, commissions and committees including: the Board of Health; State Board of Nursing; Board of Veterinary Examiners; Board of Taxation Review; Real Estate Commission; Board of Electricians and Plumbers; Board of Certification of Operating Personnel in Wastewater Treatment Plants; Board of Professional Engineers, Architects, Surveyors and Landscape Architects.

For a complete list of vacancies and information on boards, commissions and committees across the state, visit

Volunteers may serve on one board, commission or committee at a time.

If you have any questions, please contact Sharon Ibarra, director of Boards and Commissions, at

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