HONOLULU (KHON2) — The impacts of a government shutdown would also be felt here in Hawaii, especially for federal workers who will likely be furloughed.

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Over 70,000 people in Hawaii are on the federal payroll and would be forced to work without pay.

That includes 1,199 TSA agents and 113 air traffic controllers.

TSA said a shutdown could lead to longer waits and travel delays.

The Hawaii Department of Transportation does not expect any impacts to operations at airports, commercial harbors or highways, but added, it may see some delays in reimbursements for federal-aid projects.

Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam said non-essential civilian personnel like administrative staff and accountants would likely be furloughed.

Essential uniformed personnel may continue to work, receiving their full paycheck on Oct. 13.

“It will have negative consequences for millions of Americans not just in disaster relief, but on every aspect of their lives all across our country,” Senator Mazie Hirono (D).

The department of the interior said a lapse in government funding would close national park service sites, it could also lead to park rangers being furloughed.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park said it’s still working on specifics, but is hopeful a lapse in funding will not happen.

The Hawaii Foodbank is preparing for a worst case scenario.

“We are completely monitoring this situation understand that loss of pay checks does to a family. Especially those living pay check to pay checkout,” Laura Kay Rand, Hawaii Foodbank Vice President and Chief Impact Officer. “What we did is updated and made sure everything is ready go to Hawaii Foodbank website and you ‘ll see all food pantries’ available.”

The State Department of Health said Hawaii WIC will send out communication to inform participants that it’ll be business as usual.

WIC is intended to help low-income pregnant and postpartum women.

Meanwhile, the State Department of Human Resources told KHON2 over 156,000 residents snap benefits will be protected for the month of Oct.

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As far as Maui relief efforts, Sen. Hirono said the senate is pushing forward resolutions that include disaster relief that will continue work on Maui.