HONOLULU (KHON2) — The future of the New Aloha Stadium Entertainment District is still uncertain as many await details from Governor David Ige, but his successor said he’s going to push fast ahead to get it done.

It’s been seven weeks since Governor Ige told KHON2 that he’s restructuring the public-private partnership of NASED. While Ige has yet to reveal his new direction for the stadium, Governor-elect Josh Green said Wednesday that he hopes Ige will put a pause on further decisions for the new stadium.

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“They did debate this thing for several years with the overall kind of finance plan to have the whole entertainment district,” Governor-elect Green said. “That would be the simpler process in my mind because all those meetings already occurred. Again, I will respect whatever the governor comes up with that I’m going to push pretty fast ahead with the state because I don’t want it to wait five, six years.”

Before Governor Ige put a halt on the project, officials had come up with a thousand-page request for proposals that was years in the making. They have already started to fill in the Governor-elect.

“This is what we’ve been waiting for and we’re ready to move as quickly as possible. So we are aiming to potentially get something out within say four weeks of when Governor-elect Green says go,” Department of Accounting and General Services public works administrator Chris Kinimaka said.

That would include sending out the RFPs, which would be given to the three developers that are finalists.

“Once we issue the RFP, potentially the developers on the stadium side would get between seven to eight months to put their proposals together. We would need another three to four months to evaluate and negotiate a final contract. We can be in contract in less than a year. From there I’m sure they want to start moving right into construction on-site demolition, and then the other work to get prepared,” Kinimaka said.

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Governor Ige’s office tells KHON2 that he is moving forward with his plan to build the stadium with the funding budgeted by the legislature. His term is set to end on December 4th.