ICYMI: Good Samaritans and PulsePoint app save Oahu man’s life

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On Memorial Day, Alf Schneider went into cardiac arrest while walking to his car in Waikiki.

Jason Bensan, a cardiac nurse visiting from San Francisco, saw the commotion and ran over to Schneider to perform CPR.

Meanwhile, a call went in to 911 and dispatched EMS and HFD. At the same time, dispatch sent out an alert through the PulsePoint app that notified a former Ocean Safety Lifeguard, Josh Morales, in the area.

“The PulsePoint app was alerting him to someone in need of CPR. Josh left dinner and responded to Alf’s location,” said EMS Assistant Chief, Christopher Sloman.

Bensan and Morales were able to keep Alf’s heart going until emergency responders arrived.

“Alf’s story was the picture perfect situation of everybody just coming together,” Bensan said.

Dr. Rick Bruno with the Queen’s Medical Center said the survival rate for out-of-hospital cardiac arrests is about 33%. He believes the PulsePoint app is the reason Alf was able to beat the statistic.

“The faster that we can get bystanders to see the patient, the more patients will survive from cardiac arrest,” Dr. Bruno said.

The app allows dispatch at EMS to send out notifications to CPR trained individuals in the area of need.

Alf said he is just grateful to be able to say, ‘thank you.’

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