HONOLULU (KHON2) — A man jumps out of his car on a busy freeway to help a total stranger after their car flipped over. The good Samaritan’s car’s dashboard camera captured it all.

Navy chief electronics technician, Joshua McLellan, said his Thursday started like any other day. He was driving to work around 5:50 a.m. going south on the H2 freeway when a car accident happened about 50 yards in front of him involving a white sedan and a jeep.

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“I just drove up; and as soon as I drove up, I just saw a car flipped over,” McLellan said.

“My first reaction was, like, where are the people? I didn’t see no one. So, I just instantly pulled over, threw my hazard lights on and ran over to the car.”

Video shows McLellan rush over to the far side of the white sedan, away from the flow of traffic, first. He said he was worried another car might come along and hit them.

But, he said when he got there, he noticed the door was jammed shut, damaged from the accident; so he went to the other side, knelt down and started asking if everyone was okay, if they were awake.

“She immediately responds, like, ‘Hey, help me. Help me get out of here.'”

McLellan said he was relieved he got a response but wanted to get her out as quickly as possible.

“I was kind of in a rush to hurry up and get to her because when I was kneeling down I noticed that the vehicle was still smoking at the time.”

After pushing the side airbag out of the way, he said he saw her. She was still buckled in.

“She was hanging upside down,” he explained. “She was actually able to get her own seatbelt off. At that point, I had her throw her feet out of the vehicle so that I could just get her feet and then slowly pull her towards me.”

As the video showed, she was able to walk. McLellan said she didn’t have any visible injuries.

“She was very lucky.”

Police arrived shortly after.

When asked why he stopped to help, McLellan said he acted out of instinct, and he’d do it again.

“I look at it just as something that anyone would do,” he said.

And, this is not the first time he has helped a stranger.

“The last incident I had was someone on Koko Head mountain, and they were suffering from what was borderline heat exhaustion. So, I was given medical attention to that person; and then, I helped them back down the mountain.”

McLellan said he has learned a lot of skills in his 20 plus years in the military. What good are they if you do not use them to help people?

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He said he does not even know the name of the woman he helped out of the overturned car, but he hopes she is doing okay.