HONOLULU (KHON) — Being a dog in a shelter can be “ruff”, especially if you’re Khan who has been with Kauai Humane Society for more than 100 days. 

Khan was reported to have not been doing so well with the other shelter dogs and wasn’t the biggest fan of cats. He had some trouble listening to KHS staff which made it hard on them and him. 

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They said he was a hard dog to place in a home because of his behaviors. Khan’s original owner had to surrender him because she was moving off-island. 

According to KHS this happened years and years ago. But she recently moved back to Kauai and said she started to have dreams of him and couldn’t get him off of her mind. 

His former owner decided to browse KHS website looking at available adoptable dogs and lo and behold found her Khan!

KHS said the woman came in and adopted him on the spot. The best part was when she came in to get Khan, he took direction from her instantly. 

Because Khan had some behavior issues KHS staff implemented a two-hour long counseling session to ensure his now owner is aware of his struggles.  

However, once Khan was with his mom, it was as if he was on his best behavior. KHS said she is his person, and he knows it. Happy Adoption Khan!

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If you are looking to adopt a dog or cat, you can browse the available animals on Kauai Humane Society’s website