HONOLULU (KHON2) — National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration researchers said they are looking for fishermen to help them with a mahimahi diet study.

Mahimahi is fish popular among recreational and commercial fishermen in Hawaii but NOAA said there is much to learn about this open-ocean predator.

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Researchers are on a journey to get a clearer picture of the mahimahi feeding habitat in order to better understand how to protect it.

The study relies on collecting stomach samples donated from recreational, subsistence and charter fishermen because they catch more than what NOAA researchers could do alone.

So to encourage fishermen to participate, the agency is launching a pilot program that will reward fishermen one point for every stomach donated from a recently caught mahimahi. Fishermen must also share the catch location, type of bait used, size of the fish and other catch-related information.

Fishermen will receive one point for every stomach donated with a full set of data. Every 10 points will get a fishermen a $50 gift card to a local fishing supply store.

NOAA said that 300 stomachs have been donated so far.

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For information on participating in the study, email keith.kamikawa@noaa.gov.