Gas prices on the rise again, could continue rising throughout the year

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — People who have gone to pump gas recently may have noticed a bump in prices.

AAA Hawaii said, gas prices spiked on the mainland first and now the higher prices are making their way to Hawaii.

“In this last 30 days we’ve seen it go up about 15 to 16 cents a gallon, so that’s pretty significant for Hawaii,” said Jeffrey Spring with AAA.

Spring said, the numbers are still pretty far below gas prices in 2020 but there are a number of things influencing the prices to go higher.

“It can be two things, the increase in oil prices, and I think an anticipation that Hawaii is opening up a little more strongly for tourism.”

Jeffrey Spring, AAA Spokesman

Prices at the pump were slowly declining in the first few months of 2020.

There are a few things people can do to lessen the amount of gas they use while gas prices are already set.

These include reducing their speed when driving, avoiding hard braking and taking out any extra weight on their car like unnecessary things in their trunk.

As far as saving money, Spring recommends looking into getting a gas card or joining a savings program with a local gas station because individuals can get a rebate on gasoline by doing so.

He said, there are also a few apps people can check for gas prices like AAA and Gas Buddy. He suggests checking gas prices daily to see what days people can snag a deal and get it cheaper.

“It would be smart to shop around that way as well. And just to see in your area, where are the lower gas prices, and that would be helpful.”

Jeffrey Spring, AAA Spokesman

Spring said, it is likely as the economy and tourism picks up that gas prices rise again. He said, he does not expect things to go back to how they were any time soon.

“There’s quite a ways to go if Hawaii is to meet you know where it was 12 months ago. But, you know, I think right now, you can see that things are on the upswing and they’ll probably continue that way,” said Spring.

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