HONOLULU (KHON2) – With kids back in school here are a few lunch ideas to keep your keiki fueled throughout the day.

King’s Hawaiian came out with their list of easy to prepare lunch meals using their yummy bread. A favorite school-time lunch is the classic PB&J, however that can get boring after a while.

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They suggest spicing things up and keeping lunches light, fun and of course yummy. 

List of back-to-school lunches:

  • Mini Pizzas
  • Mini Corn Dogs
  • Chicken and Cheese quesadillas
  • Soup in a thermos 
  • Don’t skip out on fruit

If your keiki loves pizza try packing mini pizzas in their school lunch. You can top a mini bagel with pizza sauce, cheese and their favorite pizza toppings like sausage or peperoni. Heat the mini pizzas up in an airtight container then pack it in their lunchbox for lunch time. 

You can either buy mini corndogs from your nearest grocery store or make them yourself. If you pack this yummy lunch item don’t forget to pack condiments like ketchup and mustard. 

Chicken and cheese quesadillas are an easy go to lunch item to pack. You can prepare them the night before or even the morning of and put them in an airtight container and pack it for lunch. Don’t forget a side of salsa or sour cream!

Fruit cups, fruit juice, dried fruit and fruit snacks are all great things to have on hand to make sure your keiki’s lunch is well rounded. Fruit is a great snack to munch on before, during or even after school. 

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For more lunchtime snack ideas head to King’s Hawaiian’s website