HONOLULU (KHON2) —  It was a wish that started off with a photo. A slick ride dreamt up by a 12-year-old named Alyssiya. She suffers from brain cancer and wanted nothing more than a way to get to grandma’s house to visit.

“She decided to design her a little car with all of her favorite characters on there. She went as far as putting off-road tires and mirrors to complete the picture,” said Bryan Kaneshiro of Golf Concepts Hawaii. “Very rarely we get a call from Make-A-Wish. When they told us the story of Alyssiya’s wish, we felt that there was no way we can let this go by.”

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So, the team from Golf Concepts got a golf cart, dissected it and with the help of a handful of other partners, they embarked on the journey to make Alyssiya’s wish come true.

“I saw the photo and it got me thinking with COVID and all the things going on in the world, I thought it was a good project for us to get behind and make this girl’s wish come true.”

Jay Hinazumi, president of Golf Concepts

By the time the team was done, they nailed it to a tee. The only thing left to do was complete the delivery on Kauai.

It was on the family’s property where Alyssiya saw her drawing and her wish come to life. After receiving the delivery, she was asked if she knew she was getting a surprise.

“I just heard everything going on around me. I knew something was happening. It’s so perfect. Everything I wanted,” said 12-year-old Alyssiya.

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This is proof for the 2021 holiday season that wishes can and do come true.