HONOLULU (KHON2) — It’s been almost a month since Cyril Derreumaux left California to solo paddle across 2,400 nautical miles of the Pacific Ocean to get to Hawaii. It’s expected to be a 70-day adventure at sea, and he’s more than a quarter of the way there.

For the 45-year-old father, this is his biggest adventure to date. He’s spent the last four years preparing for it. Technical issues and limitations cut his adventure short last year, and now, there’s a new challenge: navigating around a storm.

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Every day, Derreumaux’s team posts updates on his social media pages.

On Monday, July 18, his team reported that Estelle is expected to revert to a tropical depression in the following days but could potentially impact Derreumaux with high winds and sea on Friday and Saturday.

Currently, Estelle is traveling west-northwest and is expected to continue on this track over the next week.

According to Derreumaux’s weather router, Michel, it appears that the storm will lose a lot of intensity as it approaches the path to Cyril, with winds 24-26 knots on Friday and Saturday.

“Michel is saying there is bad weather coming my way. I will be able to handle it just fine,” Derreumaux blogged on Monday. “After a month at sea, I am much more experienced to handle this. I feel confident paddling 25 knots depending on the sea state.”

Derreumaux added safety is first, and he’s prepared to go on the sea anchor for any days that are needed.

“Today and tomorrow, 16 knots; after tomorrow, 19 knots. I’ll have to make sure I don’t drift too much south next few days, but wind direction and current are pretty favorable for that,” he said. “Right now, all I can do is keep doing each day as I have. I am ready to handle whatever comes. I have prepared for all scenarios and feel confident I can handle any situation.”

“I feel I have turned west and can feel the current and sea has shifted westward,” he continued. “I am in a good position and am focused on the goal one step at a time.”

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