Friendly approach turns into a carjacking

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A friendly conversation quickly turned into a carjacking in Foster Village. When the suspect took off, he nearly ran over the 76-year-old victim with his own car.

Bernard De Silva survived with cuts and bruises but he says it could’ve been worse. De Silva was just about to leave when a young man approached him in the driveway on Halupa Street.

“I walked to the car, start the engine, and the engine was running. So this guy came up without a shirt,” said carjacking victim De Silva

De Silva was standing just outside of the vehicle when the suspect started talking to him. 

“He talked real nice and all of a sudden something triggered him off,” he said. 

De Silva tells us the suspect jumped in his car. When he started driving away, the open car door hit De Silva, knocking him to the ground.

“He almost ran me over completely so I rolled over,” said De Silva, “I used my hand on the left side of the tire, hit my hand and rolled over.”

De Silva is covered with bruises on the left side of his body. His ripped jeans show the deep cuts on the other side. 

“On my leg the cut because the door was open so hit my side, my right side, and there’s a big cut in the side of my hip,” he said. 

De Silva says the suspect then reversed out and sped off. The vehicle has not been recovered and police have made no arrests at this time.

“Be aware. When a person approaches you, you got to observe and make sure the person is not going to do something,” De Silva warns. 

Police have opened a first-degree robbery case. The car that was stolen was a silver 4-door Nissan Versa with HPD stickers on the front windshield and backer bumper. 

De Silva describes the suspect to be clean shaven, muscular build, about 5-foot-3, wearing a baseball cap, shorts, and slip-on shoes. De Silva says he was not wearing a shirt. 

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