HONOLULU (KHON2) — The owner of a french bulldog, who said his pet was stolen at knifepoint along with other belongings, has been reunited with his Frenchie named “Knuckles”.

The few-month-old French Bulldog whose owner said was stolen from him Wednesday morning in Waikiki.

The owner, Render Brown who is a local mural artist said someone reached out to him claiming they had seen posts online about the missing dog and that they had acquired Knuckles from a third party.

Brown said the few-month-old French Bulldog was stolen from him Wednesday morning in Waikiki. He said he was told to put his head down by the suspects and was not able to see much to help identify them.

Stolen Frenchies from owners is a growing concern for many who have them in their families. Hawaii French Bulldog Rescue Founder Jacque Rabang said she recently returned from a dog show in the continent, she said many French Dog owners were sharing stories about incidents of pets being stolen violently.

“It concerns me tremendously,” Rabang said. “It makes me not want to take my dogs out in public, not want to walk my dogs and get them out and get them the exercise and socialization that they need because I don’t want to expose them to a situation like that.”

A big national story from last year shedding some light on stolen Frenchies after Lady Gaga’s dog walker was shot and the dogs were taken from him.

Rabang said French Bulldogs are friendly in nature, so they are not likely to attack someone who is trying to steal them. She said Frenchies are a trendy breed with high value.

She said, “Being that they’re small, and being that they’re super friendly, it makes them really easy to take from someone. But the bigger piece of that is these exorbitant amounts of money that some breeders are charging for them.”