Four sites selected as prospective locations for new OCCC

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The Hawaii Department of Public Safety has identified four sites from an original list of 11 that could potentially house a new Oahu Community Correctional Center.

They are: Oahu Community Correctional Center (its current location); Department of Agriculture, Animal Quarantine Facility; Halawa Correctional Facility; and Mililani Technology Park, Lot 17.

Each option will now undergo a thorough evaluation during the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) study process.

“Consistent with our approach to public outreach, we will continue to solicit the public’s input including hosting a community meeting,” said Nolan Espinda, PSD director. The planned meeting is in addition to others that may be held during 2017 culminating in publication of the Draft EIS.

OCCC has been in Kalihi for more than 40 years. It was designed for 628 inmates, but now has 950 beds and sometimes as many as 1,200 inmates, most of them awaiting trial and some as part of a work furlough program.

Officials say OCCC is outdated, overcrowded, and in dire need of replacement.

The four prospective sites were presented in a progress report to the State Legislature. The department went over the details Thursday with the House Committee on Public Safety.

In that same report, “Planning for the Future of the Oahu Community Correctional Center,” the department also discussed an interim architectural space program, a 10-year inmate population forecast, and project financing options.

If they leave the jail where it is, officials say the cost will start around $526 million. If it’s moved to Halawa Correctional Facility, the cost starts at $585 million.

The animal quarantine facility and Mililani Tech Park are the cheapest options. Both start in the $400 million range.

The costs could also vary based on the type of building that will be constructed (low-, mid-, or high-rise).

“We will be applying each of these to the short list of four sites and get a better feeling of what works best,” explained Thomas Rudary with Architects Hawaii Ltd. “We’ll also look at hard zoning, required setbacks and any limitations we may have, and as you point out, any waivers we may get to better utilize the space.”

Officials stress the cost estimates are just preliminary, and could always change.Click here for more information and to view the report.

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