Four Kamehameha students hospitalized following “suspicious circumstances” surrounding candy

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Kamehameha Schools says it’s working with the “proper authorities” after four of its Keaau campus students had to be hospitalized. 

According to an official statement, four male students became ill while attending a volleyball trip on Oahu. The school says they can’t speculate on what made the players sick.

However, the school says it reported the incident to the Honolulu Police Department because of what it calls “suspicious circumstances” surrounding some candy that was given to the students.

Athletics staff took immediate action after becoming aware of the students’ symptoms and took them to the hospital, where the students were treated and released. 

Experts say it’s best to go to the emergency room if someone is experiencing symptoms.

“If you don’t know what’s been ingested, it’s better to be safe. You can call poison control as well. However, without knowing what’s been ingested, there’s certain screenings that can be done in the ER where they can further investigate what might have been ingested to reverse whatever the symptoms are,” said Queens nurse Melissa Derry.

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