Former Maui woman and son killed in Arizona car crash

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A Hawaii family is heartbroken after a car crash that happened in Arizona. A 30-year-old Maui woman and her six-year-old son died while driving home from a baseball game.

The family is from Maui and moved to Arizona three years ago. There were three other children in the car, but they were not hurt.

Police in Arizona say 30-year-old Reene Kawaauhau was driving home Friday night with her four children in the car after six year old Patrick’s baseball game, when her SUV was struck by a 21-year-old driver making a left turn at the light. Her husband was on the way to meet them when he got a call from his father.

“Crying, telling me that they got in an accident, and before I got to their house I can see in the distance a whole bunch of cop lights. So as soon as my dad said that, I just turned around and sped for the lights and it was my family,” said Michael Gustafson.

Police in Arizona say the other driver was coming from the opposite direction when he hit the SUV which then flipped over.

“Her boy was ejected from the vehicle landing on the roadway, where he suffered a significant head injury,” said Officer Thomas Anderson of Casa Grande Police Department.

“He was just I don’t know, I can’t really say anything. I just want people to know that he shouldn’t be in this position right now. He’s just a baby and all he was doing was just playing baseball,” said Gustafson.

Reene and Patrick were rushed to the hospital where they died over the weekend. The couple has six other kids and the rest of the family is doing all they can to comfort the children.

“They’re hurt just like all of us, it hits them more at night knowing that their mom and their brother are not gonna come home,” said Gustafson.

Reene went to Baldwin High School and moved the family to get a better life. Her mother describes her as kolohe, a rascal, who always made people laugh.

“I think everybody, that’s what they’re gonna miss most, cracking up jokes or hearing her laugh all the time,” said Mindy Kawaauhau.

Police say excessive speed, drugs, or alcohol were not factors in the crash. The other driver was not injured. Friends and family have set up a fundraising account. Here’s the link:

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