Former high school football star found guilty of assault

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A former McKinley High School football star has been found guilty of third-degree assault in connection with the death of an Ewa Beach man.

The jury returned the verdict Friday for Gerime Bradley, who was on trial for manslaughter.

Prosecutors say Bradley attacked John Howard on March 23, 2014. Howard was rushed to the hospital and died a few days later.

“I regret what happened to Mr. Howard that night. I didn’t mean anything towards him. My condolences to the Howard family. I’m very sorry,” Bradley said outside the courtroom.

During the trial, Bradley’s attorney, Myles Breiner, claims Bradley and his two friends felt threatened by Howard and feared he may have had a weapon.

But deputy prosecutor Scott Bell said Howard had no physical contact with Bradley and his friends while they were in their car and, according to witness accounts, the teens then got out and Bradley hit Howard with a roundhouse kick.

“It is beyond dispute that Mr. Howard died as a result of the defendant’s assaultive conduct,” Bell said. “What the verdict represents is the jury’s struggle to determine the defendant’s state of mind as the result of the conduct. That’s what this case was about.

“The prosecution maintains that the evidence was sufficient to prove reckless manslaughter on unreasonable doubt. However, I thank the jurors and recognize the jurors for their considered and deliberate decision,” he added.

“We’re pleased with the verdict. This was a mutual affray. We always thought it was a mutual affray,” said Breiner. “(The jury) heard a week and a half of testimony and they concluded exactly the way this case should have been charged.”

Third-degree assault is considered a misdemeanor.

Bradley will be sentenced on April 28.

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