Former Heald students encouraged to seek loan forgiveness one year later

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It’s been one year since Heald College closed its doors, and the state Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs is still urging former students to clear their loans.

After the college’s parent organization, Corinthian Colleges, announced its sudden closure, the U.S. Department of Education agreed to forgive student debt.

But, the DCCA says, very few students have actually applied.

“It’s particularly frustrating because we’re talking about $20,000-$25,000, maybe $30,000 in these loans that can be forgiven,” said Steve Levins, executive director of the department’s Office of Consumer Protection. “If you ignore these loans and they stay with you for a long time, there are severe consequences.”

Former students must fill out a form online.

“You have to provide some other information, such as evidence that you attended the school at the particular time,” Levins said, “but it should be something that if you did attend the school, you should be able to come up with that kind of information.”

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