Former Hawaii resident shot twice, describes horror of mass shooting in Las Vegas

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Updated: Oct. 4, 2017 

Ashley Quiocho says her surgery was successful. Surgeons removed most of the bullet fragments from her hand, but had to leave the one on her backside, because it’s near an artery, embedded in tissue. She says she is lucky and “overwhelmed by messages and love.”

A homicide investigation is underway in Las Vegas after a retired accountant committed the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history Sunday night.

The suspect, identified as Stephen Paddock, 64, fired down on a crowd of over 22,000 at an outdoor country music festival.

The death toll stands at 58 with more than 500 others wounded.

Former Waipahu resident Ashley Quiocho was among the wounded.

She is recovering from two gunshot wounds, but tells KHON2 she’s lucky considering the horror she saw Sunday night.

Quiocho was at the concert with a group of friends when they heard a burst of gunfire from a distance.

She says they didn’t realize what they were until people started to run, including the musicians on stage.

“All ducking down, everyone’s freaking out, crying, and I just don’t know what’s going on. It was pretty incomprehensible,” she said.

Like everyone else, she and her group started to run and duck also. When they thought it was safe, they started running again, and that’s when she was shot in her right hand and also in her backside.

But they kept running.

“Everyone’s running and then they shoot again and then we duck down again, and my friend’s like, ‘Oh my God. They’re dead’ and I go, ‘What’s going on?’ And you couldn’t really tell if they’re dead or not, but you see people lying there and just bleeding,” Quiocho said. “I also saw somebody shot in the head. I think they were fine, because they were at the hospital. I saw them alive.”

Her friends helped her get to an ambulance and then to a hospital, but for most of the night, she had to wait because there were so many others whose injuries were more severe.

“Everybody in the hospital was bleeding. There were some in the gurneys that were pulsing. They were just trembling. Some weren’t even moving,” she said.

Quiocho wound up having to go to another hospital where her wounds could at least get cleaned out and stitched up.

All in all, she’s grateful to the people who helped and feels lucky that she survived.

“I’m very thankful that my injuries are not life-threatening or as severe as others,” she told KHON2. “I’m extremely lucky. I’m taking this with all positivity, because I saw the craziest stuff in there.”

Quiocho is currently at home, but says she will need surgery Tuesday so doctors can try to get the bullet that was lodged in her right hand.

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