Football fans at Pro Bowl urge keeping game in Hawaii

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The Pro Bowl game wrapped up at Aloha Stadium Sunday afternoon and was deemed sold out, but it’s still up in the air as to whether the game will be back next year.

Fans KHON2 talked with said they didn’t want the game to be played anywhere else.

“The players and all the people keep the Pro Bowl here this is where it wants to live this is where it’s at,” football fan Mark Flatt shouted.

The NFL has the option to opt out of their contract next year, but fans continued to agree with Flatt.

“It’s good for Hawaii for the business for everybody for the people of Hawaii it’s good,” said Big Island resident Mal-Brian Hirama.

According to the Hawaii Tourism Authority, the Pro Bowl pumps tens of millions of dollars into the state’s economy, bringing in tourists like the Palladinos who are here on their honeymoon from New Jersey.

“Oh no, absolutely not, this is only my first year here but I mean if the other ones were like this this is the best place ever,” said Nicholas Palladino.

“This is the most amazing state we’ve ever been to we been to multiple islands and to have a football game here is the best day the best weather good time good friends ready to rock ‘n’ roll here,” said Nicole Palladino.

Although fans we talked to say they were happy once they got into the game, for some getting in was an issue.

Traffic had people waiting close to three hours in some cases, and some said the lines to get in the game were close to just as long, with people we spoke with waiting anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours to get in.

“From the time we was in line, to the time we came back in it took us like an hour and 15, 16 minutes, around that time,” said New York Giants fan Deshonta Mearex. “We stood in line about like 12:20, and we didn’t get in until like 2 hours. So almost 1:58. We was actually able to get in and walk in. Everything was smooth but it was really slow because they only had two people scanning people to make sure they didn’t have any type of things they weren’t supposed to have.”

One fan we spoke with says getting into the game has been an issue before, saying in past years he’d had to wait for two hours.

This year he showed up just after gates opened, and it still took him 45 minutes.

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