Floodwaters recede, but still a concern for some Kauai residents

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The skies dried up late Tuesday afternoon on Kauai, a welcome sight after the morning’s heavy downpour.

“It was pretty crazy it was just constant, the only way I could relate this is to the 40 days and 40 nights of rain,” said Koloa resident Dawson Okinaka. 
Residents say Waikomo Stream in Koloa rose higher than normal.

“I was like, wow I gotta record this right away cause this is historical,” said Okinaka. 
It kept homeowners worried.

“Normally it’s an eighth of this, very small. It’s not the cleanest body of running water, but it’s clear,” said resident Daniel Schmidt. 

Schmidt lives in a home right next to the overflowing stream and says the water rose just enough to cause panic, but the damage this time around was nowhere close to April’s flash flood.
“It went up about a foot and half, two feet higher it was a flash flood so it happened really quickly,” said Schmidt. “I lost a lot of power tools and camping equipment I mean I know that the river comes up so it’s just a risk.”

Schmidt says he can’t complain, especially when it comes to those living on Kauai’s North Shore.

“To happen twice in one year I mean it’s crazy,” he said. “I was stressed but I know there are people on the north getting worked, real bad. I’m blessed it was a scare and that’s it.”

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