Floods and brown water advisories resulted from Monday’s heavy rain

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — Home floods and brown water advisories were some of the impacts from the heavy rain on Monday, Jan. 25. The Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) said it received dozens of weather-related calls for service.

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A brown water advisory has been issued at Kuhio Beach Park as a result of the storm-water runoff from Monday’s torrential rain, the same advisory was issued at Hanuama Bay and Royal-Moana Beach.

Homeowner Jami Downey Jovanovich, also known as Kama, will be too busy to think about going in the water. He compared portions of his property to a swimming pool.

Kama said, “There was nowhere to bail the water because the water was rushing in from every corner of the property.”

He was returning from work during the thick of the storm. He saw his street flooded and that his entire first floor was filled with water.

Kama said, “I kid you not, the water was at my knees and rising quickly above my waist.”  

The National Weather Service said East Oahu got the heaviest downpour with three to five inches of rain in a matter of three hours.

HFD said, they received 24 weather related calls.

Among the calls were two emergency responses for swift water rescues, 14 evacuations from floods, three arcing wires and four downed trees.

Calvary by the Sea Church also saw some water damage — it was nothing compared to the 2018 flood.

Wailupe Stream resident Keala Lee said, they continue to have flashbacks to 2018 when the stream overflowed and flooded surrounding homes.

Lee said, “Our community has been asking for and hoping for a very long time is a proactive approach to the maintenance of the stream.”  

The City said, the stream worked as intended during the rain on Monday, Jan. 25, 2020. The Department of Facility Maintenance (DFM) said, a mitigation project in the upper end of the stream may be 95% complete.

It said the portion of the stream between Hind Place and E Hind Drive was cleared approximately one year ago, but regrowth of vegetation has occurred.

The City said it is considering contracting out the maintenance on the lower part of the stream as DFM does not have the equipment to work on muddy and wet terrain.

As for brown water advisories, environmental services crews responded to at least five calls of sewer overflows. They are still determining the volume of the overflow but they returned to the affected areas to clean and disinfect.

Kama said, the toughest part is not over — dealing with the aftermath of the disaster.

“Honestly the paperwork is the most stressful thing for me right now,” Kama said. “So I rather just do all the cleaning up and get to the construction part.”  

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