Flag mistake fixed at State Capitol

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The State Capitol in downtown Honolulu is a local landmark, but a viewer reached out to KHON2 when he spotted something wrong: an error on the state flag.

It was just another walk past the Capitol for Earle Partington when he noticed something many people might not have.

“The offset is in the wrong direction on the inner half and on the outer half of the flag,” said Partington.

Partington knows the state flag pretty well and that’s how he realized something was wrong at a glance. Many of us might not have spotted the mistake.

“If you didn’t have the correct flag right in front of you to compare these, it wouldn’t necessarily catch your eye,” said Bishop Museum historian DeSoto Brown.

The problem is the Union Jack is sewn upside down. The thick white lines are reversed.

“In comparing it to the correct flags you can look at online, the problem is that the red and white stripes in these two cross bars are in the wrong place,” Brown explained.

After confirming that the flag was indeed sewn wrong, KHON2 reached out to the governor’s office to see if officials were aware of the error.

They were not and, shortly after our discussion, replaced the flag with the right flag.

While this doesn’t happen often, it can happen–especially since the flags that fly over the Capitol have to be sewn by multiple people.

This incorrect version of the flag was brought in from the mainland.

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