Fishing crew lands 848-pound marlin winning Kewalo ‘Big Fish Chase’

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Fishermen always talk about the big one that got away. This time, it’s all about the one they reeled in, a marlin weighing nearly half a ton.

KHON wanted to know what it takes to bring in such a huge catch.

The massive fish towered about twice the height of the crew that reeled it in, an 848-pound marlin that put up quite a fight. The crew of the boat Corcoran tells KHON it took nearly 16 hours to finally land the fish, and it was fighting the whole way.

“Reeling until my arm just locked up completely I couldn’t do anything about it they had to massage me they were dumping water on me feeding me Gatorade it was very intense,” said fisherman Chuck O’Neill. “It’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life and my body is beaten right now.”

The crew tells us they saw the marlin jumping in and out of the water from afar, and thought maybe it was a pretty good sized fish, about 400 pounds.

Little did they know it would be more than twice that size, and that it would give them the fight of their lives.

“We had the fish up to the boat close to the boat over a hundred times and it screamed the reel and it took as much line as it could every time,” said fisherman Mike Von Wigandt. “And that’s where the expertise of these guys the captain backing down nonstop chasing the fish. We hooked up near Ko Olina and we ended up bringing the fish to the boat at Kaena Point about two miles offshore so we traveled about 23 miles backwards in circles all night long,” said Von Wigandt.

The men were participating in the first annual Kewalo Harbor Big Fish Chase, put together by Ward Village and Howard Hughes Corporation.

The crew won the competition for bringing in the the biggest marlin along with a $4,000 prize.

Organizers tell us it’s still not close to the world record for the largest marlin caught with a rod and reel, which weighed in at 1,805 pounds. But they’ll enjoy this one with friends and their family for a long time.

“This is an amazing experience I will not soon forget that’s for sure so I feel very fortunate,” said O’Neill.

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