First look: Inside 2nd Avenue home on fifth day of cleanup

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We’re getting our first look inside a 2nd Avenue home in Kaimuki that had been filled with trash for years.

On Monday, July 27, crews began their fifth day of cleanup and gave KHON2 a look inside.

Work was supposed to wrap last week, but contractor Pacific Junk Removal extended the time frame after encountering worse conditions than anticipated.

Piles of compacted trash filled the home and nearly reached the ceiling.

“(Trash) had broken down and decomposed so much that it became whole instead of loose like we’re normally used to, so it’s heavy, really heavy stuff,” manager Ray Peralta previously told KHON2.

The smell is just as bad, Peralta adds. “It smells like the dump. If you guys ever go to Middle Street or Kapaa landfill, even Waimanalo, it smells like that in there, because that’s what it is,” he said. “It’s just a trash dump, like somebody grabbed that trash can and threw it into the house instead of taking it away.”

Crews are only allowed to remove items that are considered a “hazard,” meaning items that impede the entrance to the house or prohibit a person from walking through the area.

“We can’t go through the drawers, we can’t go through the closets,” Peralta said. “We have to leave all that stuff behind.”

Even so, crews managed to haul away more than 10 tons of trash.

“Massive and incredible are the two words (I would use to describe the mess) because this is the most incredible hoarding house that I’ve seen and I’ve seen a lot,” he said.

Peralta says so far, workers haven’t come across anything interesting and discourages anyone from trying to break in and pick through the leftovers.

“There’s nothing in here that’s interesting, just junk,” he said. “Usually we find little statue or art or jewelry or something like that, (but) it’s just rubbish.”

Work is now expected to be finished on Tuesday, after which crews will board up the home and secure the doors to prevent illegal entry.

View the raw footage below:

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