HONOLULU (KHON2) — If you’ve got fur babies and a busy travel schedule this holiday season, you might consider boarding your pets.

“Daycare, boarding, training, we even have a small clinic inside for check-ups so it’s just like preschool for your pets,” Alii Unleashed’s Matt Malta said.

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Suite rooms in the resort Unleashed are in high demand this holiday season, as are pet boarding companies across Oahu.

“We’ve been getting a lot of calls so I feel like the regular places if you haven’t booked ahead of time or planned ahead it’s going to be tough,” Malta said. “People are already calling from other boarding facilities asking if there’s space and it seems like we’re pretty full across the island.”

Even 2023’s availability is starting to fill up.

“We have people booking up for spring break already Summer is getting busy people got smart this year and they’re starting to book for next New Year’s already,” Malta said.

If you’re too late to enroll he recommends planning for someone to watch your pets instead if you’ll be traveling.

If you have a sitter he has these tips:

  • Set up a play date to get to know each other.
  • Keep the pet’s routine.
  • Let your veterinarian know that the sitter is in charge while you’re gone and able to make decisions.

“We think having somebody sleep over at your own home is best otherwise sometimes you get desperate and you just need to find a reliable responsible adult,” Malta said.

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With New Year’s Eve approaching, Malta said it’s never too early to prepare your pets for the stress of fireworks.

“New Year’s is coming with all of the fireworks get your checkups done and testing done so you’re able to get anti-anxiety medication without any trouble and not at the last minute because you can actually start getting that now and having it handy for when it happens,” said Malta.