Feds step up efforts against child sex predators

Local News

Federal agents are stepping up efforts to go after sexual predators who prey on minors. Hawaii U.S. Attorney Kenji Price says his office has expanded efforts for this crime and will continue expanding by organizing a statewide task force committed to preventing it.

Price noted that Dustin Miyakawa, who pleaded guilty to enticing a minor and engaging in sexual activity, was sentenced to 15 years in prison on Tuesday. Price says the penalty sends a powerful message to sexual predators.

Price says the task force will combine other law enforcement agencies and key stakeholders to go after pimps who engage in human trafficking children and adults into the sex trade.

“This task force is designed to bring to bear all of the tools available by state and federal law enforcement to apprehend and prosecute human traffickers. Identified traffickers should not escape the broad web of federal law enforcement because any single law enforcement entity lacks the resources, expertise, or support necessary to build a prosecutable case against them,” said Price.

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