Fed-up North Shore residents meet with police to brainstorm solution to rash of crimes

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Some residents on the North Shore are fed up following a series of crimes occurring in their neighborhoods, from car being set on fire in March, to several public restroom being destroyed in the last few weeks.

On Saturday, neighbors got together at Aweoweo Beach Park to brainstorm and band together to fight crime in their area.

Neighbors in Waialua invited police to attend this event, and the community had a chance to ask police questions.

It all started with a Facebook group, North Shore Neighborhood Crime Watch, to encourage people to keep an eye out for crime.

“We have been seeing a lot of people going and looking in cars late at night with headlamps and there has been several break-ins in the neighborhood lately,” said resident Mark Dominique.

They asked police to step up patrols in the early morning hours, and what they should do if they see something that doesn’t look right.

“And to be able to spot crime and to be able to spot what is going on and to be able to identify that person that is causing the problem,” said North Shore neighborhood board member Jack Reid.

In March, residents woke up at 3:30 in the morning and found a car engulfed in flames on Iliohu Place.

KHON2 also previously reported on the damage at Kaiaka Bay Beach Park, where several portable toilets were destroyed in the last few weeks.

Those toilets were there because the comfort station was set on fire in 2014.

Honolulu police have said they would step up patrols in the area, but couldn’t provide an update on the arson cases, but they said these neighbors are moving in the right direction.

“Normally we are going out in the community and trying to form neighborhood security watches but here is a group that is a step ahead of the game, they are forming on their own and it’s an honor for us to be here,” said Maj. Kerry Inouye with HPD.

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