FBI specialist testifies to video of alleged Kealoha mailbox theft

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Thursday started with more testimony on the surveillance video of the alleged mailbox theft at the Kealoha house. 

This time from a video expert from the FBI Headquarters in Quantico, Virginia. 

The FBI video specialist testified that some hard drives submitted into evidence may have been altered. 

Thomas Woodard testified that he analyzed the hard drives that contained the surveillance video of the alleged mailbox theft.

He said he was not able to recover any video before the footage that showed the Kealoha mailbox being taken.

Woodard said he was able to recover some images. One was a picture of a ceiling. There was also a picture of an office with what looks like a bunch of wires.

The timestamp on the images shows that some hard drives were altered or some portions were recorded over.

Woodard said when a hard drive is erased he can still recover some data. But if it’s recorded over, he cannot recover the data.

Alvin Lum, who supervised the technical unit at CIU, was shown photos similar to the pictures the FBI video specialist recovered. Except these pictures had CIU workers in the background. Prosecutors seem to be making the connection that the hard drives were altered at the CIU office.

The legal advisor for HPD also testified. She said she received a subpoena sent to the chief and his wife Katherine asking for video surveillance of the mailbox theft. This was in 2014 one year after the incident. She said she asked the chief, and he told her everything was already submitted. Apparently, the videos were submitted but the hard drives were not.

During cross-examination, defense attorneys did make the point that timestamp can be changed depending on the setting on the video recorder. And that hard drives are not usually submitted as evidence.

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