FBI arrest Oregon man accused of shipping heroin to Hawaii

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PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Federal agents arrested a 46-year-old man who is accused of distributing about 100 grams or more of heroin between Oregon and Hawaii.

Mark Squatrito is being held in the Multnomah County Detention Center. On Monday, March 28, he will appear before a federal magistrate judge. Agents with the FBI arrested him last week.

According to a federal complaint, the investigation revealed that Squatrito had been shipping heroin from Portland to Hawaii using the postal service, and had been doing so for nine months.

The investigation started in January 2016 and it involved the FBI, United States Postal Service and the Hawaii County Police Department.

On Jan. 15, Squatrito told an individual in Hawaii that he would be sending out a shipment of heroin the next day, according to records.

On Jan. 16, two parcels were shipped from a post office in Portland to two different addresses in Hawaii.

Squatrito reportedly gave the person in Hawaii the USPS tracking number for both packages via text messaging. The packages made it to Hawaii on Jan. 19 and were recovered by law enforcement. Inside was 28 grams of a black tar-like substance that tested positive for heroin, according to an FBI complaint.

According to court records, on Jan. 22, the confidential source, working for the FBI in Hawaii, sent $3,600 in cash via USPS to 650 Northwest Irving Street, an address “previously provided” by Squatrito.

A few days later, Squatrito confirmed via text messaging that he had received the package full of cash.

The 650 Northwest Irving Street address in Portland is identified in court documents as the “The Day Center at the Bud Clark Commons.” The day center is an assistance hub for the homeless.

On Feb. 2, another $3,600 in cash was sent to Squatrito at the same address. The cash was being sent after agents recovered two additional packages of heroin that had been sent from Portland to Hawaii.

The Feb. 2 parcel of cash was mailed “restricted,” which would force the recipient to pick up the package at a USPS branch.

On Feb. 5, Squatrito appeared at the Forest Park Post Office and presented his photo ID to receive the package. Records show a similar situation occurred on Feb. 22 when Squatrito appeared at the same post office and this time presented a California driver’s license to pick up a package.

An arrest warrant was issued for Squatrito’s arrest on March 11.

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