HONOLULU (KHON2) — Do you know where your eggs come from? Well, Villa Rose Farm wants to put local eggs in the fridge of every Hawaii resident.

They were set to deliver eggs to local supermarkets during the first couple of weeks in December 2021. However, due to some bumps in the road, they will be pushing back their delivery date to the beginning of January 2022.

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At Villa Rose Farms, more than 200 thousand chickens are laying eggs daily.

However, according to Vice President Michael Sencer, the eggs that the chickens are laying were not the size they were anticipating. 

“Honestly, the chickens are not cooperating,” said Sencer. 

He said the size of an egg is determined by how old the chicken is who lays it, and since most of his chickens are still young, it will be a few weeks before they can produce large or even jumbo eggs.

“The birds are very young; the first group is only 24 weeks old, and we are getting primarily smalls and mediums from them,” Sencer added. 

Originally, his company was set to sell their eggs in supermarkets during the first couple of weeks in December.

However, he had to pivot and keep collecting the small to medium eggs and wait for his chickens to age up a little more to start collecting the larger eggs. 

By waiting to collect larger eggs, Sencer had to push back the start date of selling local eggs in local supermarkets.

“We are rolling out to start with Foodland and the Times market group,” Sencer explained. 

Sencer said they have a lot of jobs available and are looking to hire dozens of new positions to help push these eggs in supermarkets. He said it is exciting to offer fresh eggs to the people of Hawaii because most of the eggs consumed here are from the mainland.

“The eggs that we are packing today are eggs that are laid this morning and will probably be on their way to the store, either the following day or the day after,” said Sencer. 

The barns where the chicken’s nest is open on the side to take in the sunshine and the trade winds.

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Sencer said they are cage-free and have room to roam or fly around to ensure the quality of his farm-fresh eggs.