Family searches for answers after dog killed by suspected BB gun

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A Waianae family is hoping someone will come forward to help them find whoever shot their dog.

The two-year-old Rottweiler mix ended up dying from her injuries.

According to her family, Aulani had gotten out of her yard after being spooked by fireworks noises and some cats. She was found a few days later, but the family quickly realized something was wrong.

An X-ray showed two metal objects, one lodged in her spine. Before the veterinarian could operate, Aulani died.

Officials suspect a BB or pellet caused the injury. Now, the family wants to find out who did this to the dog they all loved.

Dez Akau, the daughter of Aulani’s owner, says her whole family is devastated. Aulani was a gift to her mother from her grandchildren.

“They had her since she was a puppy. Aulani was a sweetie. I think we got her when she was like five weeks old,” Akau said.

Akau describes Aulani as a sweet dog who was always approachable. She says her mother didn’t want to believe it when the veterinarian told her she was dead.

“She’s so hurt and my mom is so sweet. She was so angry that day,” Akau said. “It tore us apart because my mom looked to her pets as her children. She doesn’t see them as just dogs. They’re her kids.”

The Akau family is not alone in dealing with something like this.

Harold Han at the Hawaiian Humane Society says incidents of dogs and cats being shot with BB or pellet guns are up 10 percent from last year.

“This year, the cases I’ve been involved with are still under investigation. A lot of these are really difficult to close because in the abscence of a witness, it’s very, very hard,” Han said.

Akau says she hopes the community can help track down whoever did this.

“Why shoot an animal?” Akau said. “I’m kind of scared out there now. If they can shoot a pet, they can shoot a human being or somebody’s kid or something.”

The family filed a police report. The Honolulu Police Department says a cruelty to animals case has been opened and authorities are investigating what caused the injuries.

Han says the Hawaiian Humane society is also involved.

“Initially, because they made a case, I will be contacting the Criminal Investigation Division to see what detective is assigned to the case. We will certainly offer our resources to help with the investigation,” he said.

The Hawaiian Humane Society says it has looked into five cases like this in the last three months. All of them are still unsolved.

If you have any information, you’re asked to call police or the Hawaiian Humane Society at (808) 356-2250.

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