Family returns to Hawaii from China

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HONOLULU (KHON2) – KHON2 spoke to a family who returned to Hawaii Tuesday morning from China.

The couple flew directly from China to Honolulu. They arrived before 10 a.m.

They say they’ve traveled to China several times and didn’t notice anything different coming through immigration Tuesday morning.

Pat and Linda Oka flew home Tuesday after traveling throughout China with a group for two weeks.

They didn’t go to Wuhan, but say even Hong Kong was like a ghost town.

“We’ve been to Hong Kong before, and there’s people everywhere,” said Pat Oka. “This time it was really strange to see the streets bare, and the stores closed.”

They were very cautious, and they had to wear masks everywhere.

“You make sure to wear your mask no matter where you go because you know,” said Linda Oka. “You just don’t want to even though there’s not to many people we were really cautious.”

They say in China you could see the effort the country was making to contain the disease.

“They put a lot of sanitation procedures where ever we went,” he said. “We could see them spraying and cleaning things. Normally we don’t see that.”

Flying home, they were expecting heightened screening procedures going through customs and immigration.

“We were surprised when we got off the airplane that there was nothing,” he said. “No reference to virus or anything. No one asked us any questions or anything. Nothing was brought to our attention.”

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