HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Crisostomo ohana is remembering the light that 14-year-old Syrus has left behind during this dark time.

“Every time I would speak to him, whether it’s on the phone, text, or in his face he would always end with ‘I love you dad,'” said Sonny Crisostomo, father of Syrus. “He would always remind me that he loves me.”

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The family told KHON2 Syrus’ love could be felt miles away.

“It was always a hug and a kiss or ‘hi, what are you doing,'” said Danika Crisostomo, mother of Syrus. “When are you coming home from work? He would be the one to call and check up on me.”

The Waipahu teen was involved in many clubs, sports and community programs. He also loved being the best friend and big brother.

“He was always that person that would watch my back and he was always a good brother to me,” Sypres Crisostomo said.

The family said Syrus’ role as a big brother will continue on. This loss follows another tragedy the Crisostomo’s endured a few years ago.

“We had Reyn in 2019 and she came out with a heart defect and so she was battling for a few months, but her body finally gave in. So we lost her three months after,” Sonny said.

“He is that perfect person to show her the love that we had for him and the love that he has for everyone else,” Danika said.

The Crisostomo’s are asking the community to help remember Syrus. A vigil will be held on Friday at 6 p.m. at August Ahrens Elementary.

“We totally didn’t expect the outpouring that we received. We have a close-knit family and friends that have always been there for us for everything that we had to go through but this extends farther than that,” Danika said.

The family is thanking the community for the prayers and helping them begin the healing process.

To help the Crisostomo family, click here.

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“From the bottom of our hearts, I would just like to think everybody,” said Sonny.