Family of Pearl Harbor Shipyard shooter releases statement

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An attorney for the family of Gabriel Romero, the man the U.S. Navy said killed two and seriously injured one at the Pearl Harbor Shipyard on Dec. 4, has released a statement on their behalf.

“We extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to the families, friends, and loved ones of all those effected by the tragedy that occurred at the USS Columbia in the shipyard at Pearl Harbor on December 4, 2019. We ask that you try to understand that we too have suffered a sudden and horrific loss as well. Since Gabriel no longer has a voice, we wish to speak on his behalf. We have been overwhelmed with a tremendous amount of grief with the loss of our beloved Gabriel, and we hope to lay him to rest soon. This event shocked us all, and for those who knew him, was completely out of character. For those who never had the opportunity to know him, we would like to share who he was to us as a son, brother, loved one, and friend.

“As a boy, Gabriel was a fun-loving, active and happy child. He grew into a doting, thoughtful, and protective brother. He was involved in sports at a young age which continued into young adulthood, positively impacting many teammates and families. He continued to grow into a thoughtful, ambitious, and courageous teen.

“A note we received from a former teammate of Gabriel’s reads “my heart aches for you all… What happened . . . is so far off from the Gabe I knew. Gabe was a captain on our team, a leader. People looked up to him. He walked softly and carried a big stick. He loved his family, he would often share to me about his siblings. I was proud of Gabe when I heard he enlisted because he was such a selfless teammate and that’s exactly what the military is about… Gabe made an incredible impact over the years on his teammates and coaches. He will be missed and I will do everything I can, to be a leader that he was for me and our team in the short years we were together”.

“After his hockey years, Gabriel’s love for his country led him to enlist in the U.S. Navy. As with all families with loved ones who serve, watching him leave was difficult, though we trusted Gabriel’s decision to be in a new ‘team’ environment where his drive could allow him to thrive. We knew how great a sailor he would be because he was a natural leader, selfless and meticulous. Gabriel even had his own ‘five-year plan,’ which showed his goal-orientation and level of self-discipline.

“Our hope is that this glimpse of Gabriel, brief as it may be, will inform you of how shocked and shaken we all are by this catastrophic act. All the families affected have experienced an immense loss. We would appreciate privacy at this time so we may grieve and try to heal. Thank you.”

-The family of Gabriel Antonio Romero

Phil Meyer, PLCC, went on to state that Romero was laid to rest Monday, Dec. 16 in San Antonio.

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