Family of North Shore murder victim say they ‘want justice’ as the suspects’ trial nears

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It’s been nearly two years since the murder of a mother and teacher on the North Shore, and her family is still waiting for justice.

Telma Boinville was found dead in a home she was cleaning. Her young daughter had been tied up in the next room.

The trial for the suspects Stephen Brown and Hailey Dandurand was originally scheduled for last year, but was pushed back. The defense was granted a delay after it said that it needed more time to review evidence.

The family says they want justice for Telma’s murder and for the trauma her daughter Makana went through having been there when it happened.

“It’s not easy. I mean I miss my wife all the time. Every day. Every hour. Every minute,” said Kevin Emery, Boinville’s partner.

Even though it’s been nearly two years, Emery says it’s still hard moving on from what happened not just for himself but for his daughter Makana, who had been there when her mother died.

“Yesterday was mother’s day. My daughter didn’t have a chance to wake up and give her mother flowers like we do every year. She actually made a mother’s day card while at school, as a fourth grader with her class. She gave it to me yesterday, as now I’m her mother and her father,” said Emery.

He says the thing that scares him the most is the chance that the suspects may end up out of jail.

“I fear that my daughter maybe might see this person again and re-scar all that she’s been dealing with. You know my daughter’s traumatized,” said Emery. “She’s scared of the dark. She wakes up throughout the nights. I can hear her talking in the night you know. She has nightmares.” 

He says all he hopes is that one day they will eventually heal from what happened.

“I’ve just been trying to stay strong… focus, mind body and spirit to really just focus on me and my daughter’s wellbeing as I think this would be the wish of my wife Telma,” said Emery.

 “Telma should have justice. I mean Telma was a beautiful spirit. She was a loving mom. She was a loving wife. She was a school teacher, devoted her life to helping kids.” 

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