HONOLULU (KHON2) — The first federal lawsuit was filed against the Navy in response to the Red Hill water contamination, according to attorneys at Just Well Law, PLLC and the Hosoda Law Group.

In the lawsuit filed through the Honolulu federal court, according to Just Well Law, PLLC, the Navy is accused of releasing thousands of gallons of jet fuel and other contaminants into peoples drinking water two times in 2021.

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Apparently, there are not one, but four families suing and they claim that they have suffered from multiple medical conditions from the contaminated water.

Plaintiffs reported having seizures, neurological issues, rashes, legions, burns, gastrointestinal disorders and many more medical claims.

The lawsuit alleges, “As these families became sicker from water, the government compounded the families’ suffering. First, Navy leadership denied and dismissed their concerns. The families’ questions and concerns were ignored or minimized. Then the Navy denied the families even the most basic standard of care when they turned to military medical providers for help.”

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The lawsuit continues with, “Military facilities recorded symptoms but failed to run standard labs to check liver function, kidney function, and complete blood count.”