Family discovers four urns missing from Pearl City gravesite

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It’s supposed to be a final resting place for your loved ones, but one family’s disturbing discovery has them wondering who stole their family remains.

The Nagamine family told KHON2 News that they discovered Sunday that someone stole four urns from their family’s gravesite plot at Sunset Memorial Cemetery in Pearl City.

Both of the family’s gravesites were broken into, and Wayne Nagamine discovered four urns missing, containing the remains of his grandma, grandpa, uncle and auntie.

The family said the urns are made of heavy bronze material.

Strangely, one urn was left untouched, which contained the remains of Nagamine’s father.

The family reported the theft to police. “When the officers came by, they said that they might think this is worth money, made of precious stone or something.” Police also told them about 10 other gravesites were tampered with as well.

“If you do have loved ones here, please come and check it out,” said sister Corinne Nagamine.

Wayne Nagamine said they haven’t seen a caretaker on the cemetery property in years, pointing to what they call a “perpetual pile of garbage” yards away from the family’s gravesites.

The cemetery office was closed with an “under construction” sign posted, along with a public notice with a contact number, which led to an automatic voice messaging system when called.

In the meantime, the Nagamines just want their family’s remains back.

“It’s really disappointing that someone would take people that are resting in peace,” said Wayne Nagamine The urns itself, we hope to get it back. It means a lot to our family.”

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